Coffee Chat Magic

For awhile now I've been receiving an idea into this brain of mine.  It was the idea for a podcast / weekly broadcast where I could chat it up and share some of my knowledge on energy, oils, transformation and all the daily rituals I do to create a life of magic.  
But because I'm just like you and let the hesitation, fear and head talk dominate sometimes I kept pushing it aside.  I kept ignoring that message and fighting it and thinking that there was no reason you all wanted to hear from me.  Or there was no way I was going to have my own podcast or show each week.

Then I received the words:  Coffee with Katie in a pretty clear way and decided to just go with it.  At first it was just going to be a weekly event for six weeks and then it just kept going from and I soon realized it was a podcast and weekly spot for me to share and you to soak up the knowledge.  

I don't know how far this will go or what is in store, but I'm trusting the guidance I'm being given.  Just like I want to teach you how to trust your inner guide.

Grab your brew or whatever you please and join me for coffee chat!
Welcome to Episode One of Coffee Chat Magic!  

Here's Episode One of what I feel will be many in my Wednesday morning Coffee Chats.  Are you ready?

Today we're diving into energy, vibrations, frequency and how to use oils.

I think I picked this topic because that's where it all started for me to get here to you!
Keep scrolling for all of the episodes below and stay tuned for this to be turned into a Podcast for easy listening each week.  

I'm honored to hang out with you and explore more.

Coffee Chat Magic - Episode 2
 Full Circle Moments

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Summer Solstice, Fear, Love and Shadows

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Get Yourself Out Of A Funk

Coffee Chat Magic - Episode 8
Keep Taking Steps

Coffee Chat Magic - Episode 10

Coffee Chat Magic - Episode 3
Do You Know How to Gather?

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Treat Yourself Like a Queen

Coffee Chat Magic - Episode 7
The New Moon, Oils & Gratitude

Coffee Chat Magic - Episode 9
Creating Routines for Back to School

Coffee Chat Magic - Episode 11
Live Outside the Box and Disconnect

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