Coach with Katie

Ready to truly unleash all that power in your goddess self and get unstuck?  You are here for a reason so let's explore personalized and private intuitive coaching with me.  I have several options because I know we are all about bit different.  

Let's hop on a complimentary discover call to find out what is the best fit for you.

You Were Born for More

You feel prepared to climb the mountain and conquer the world, but for some reason you have an unknown something holding you back. You feel like you are doing ALL the things you are supposed to be doing, but the success you desire just isn't there.
Don't worry.  You are not alone in this journey and you are not the first person that has ever felt this way. This is how I was feeling when I began exploring intuitive healing for myself.  Knowing I was supposed to be doing more but no idea what I needed to do "more" of to create my first class life. I felt lost and stuck in my life and my business.
You weren't meant to play small and feel stagnant.  You were born for more!

Why Intuitive Healing and Abundance Coaching?

What holds us back is many times something we have no awareness of and that's why it can feel almost impossible at times to break through.  We truly don't know what is holding us back so we don't know how to process or move forward.  

When you work with me I can use my special gifts and "see" under the surface for you.  Once we shed light on them and bring the rocks to the surface we open up an entire new playing field.  Unlike group programs and coaching that is geared toward all, private coaching can help you unlock your blocks so you can find the flow you yearn for.

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A deeper understanding of your soul's purpose.


Confidence in the ability you have to create a meaningful life.


Discover a path to higher levels of success. 


Clear clutter on physical and energetic levels.


Increase your ability to speak with clarity and truth. 


Initial recommendations on marketing and brand strategies.

It's time to find that warrior hiding inside of you and make her shine! Let's explore private coaching on a 30 minute clarity call.