Monthly Specials

  Hello May!    
It's time to look at daily health!

It's May and Spring and the weather is oh so nice.  And it's time to take a look at our Daily Health Habits.  Did you know just switching up in a few different ways can have a big impact in so many areas?

This month I want to focus in on our Healthy Habits Kit.  This kit has all you need to really dive into the small routines that will make BIG a difference in your wellness goals. And when you get started with this kit you unlock the magic of receiving a FREE box of my favorite product absolutely FREE!

Here is what you will get when you get started with this kit:

👉  One month supply of our number one selling product Life Long Vitality.  We began with this 7 years ago today and are still going strong with it every day!
👉 One tube of Deep Blue Rub.  Aches and pains be gone with this easy to use rub.  Whether you are taking up running or out gardening, this has you covered.
👉  Terrazyme Digestive Enzymes to help you tummy process and digest the foods it just might need some help with.  Like processed cheese or the hotdog you had at the ballgame.
👉  PB Assist Probiotics.  Are gut health is important and this one has you covered
👉 Our top five oils which include Lemon, OnGuard, Balance, Lavender and Frankincense.  These will have you focused, relaxed and on top of life

And don't forget you will also receive:
👉 My VIP Welcome Kit 
👉 A Wellness Consult with me where we create your personalized plan for this kit and more
👉 My VIP Welcome Gift
👉 Access to my oil loving community, education and support at your fingertips
To get started you can message me at OR just click here: