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I advocate for you to live a magical life of truth and I know that to do this you need tools and a community of support with like minded people.  Let me show you how simple it is to have access to the most powerful tools in my toolbox, doTERRA essential oils and our essential oil tribe.

Whether you are here to transform and raise your energetic self or create wellness in your home, you have landed in the right place. It's an honor to be part of this journey with you.  Let's explore some more.

The Best Pricing Delivered to Your Doorstep

Getting your oils at a wholesale price is hands down the best way to purchase. Not only are you getting amazing products in your home, but you are not paying full price for them and will receive the biggest savings.  And let's be real, who wants to pay full price for something when you can get it for less?

To receive wholesale pricing you simply open a wholesale account, which works very similar to a Costco membership.  You pay a one time fee of $35 and pick items from your wish list or you can do it the best way and start with a kit.  The starter kits have even more savings in them, give you a great selection of oils to get started with and your membership is included in the kit.

To see some of my favorite kits, keep scrolling or you can simply click here on this link to explore getting started.

Once you have your account open with me you will receive:
  • Access to our essential oil community of support which includes a question and answer forum, product education and much more.
  • A personal consult with me.  We'll come up with a 90 customized plan for you to live your best life and we'll revisit it often.  
  • My extra special welcome packet full of goodies to support you in your journey.
  • Love, support and guidance to connect to the life of options you may not even know exist.
  • The ability to earn an income and create your dreams with essential oils. (but only if you wish)


My favorite way to begin

This is by far my favorite kit and our top seller for a reason.  The Natural Solutions Package not only gets oils into your home, but it captures my go to products for an overall wellness lifestyle. With this kit, you will be ready to change your life.

With this kit I also include an oil reference book and additional diffuser as a gift to you for saying YES!

Get Started with the Natural Solutions Kit

Prepare Your Home
The top ten oils, a diffuser and some of our most loved home products.  This kit has all of our best loved products that we use every single day.  This kit will have you loving oils and beginning the the journey to wellness with the products you use.

With the purchase of this kit you also get to choose from an extra diffuser or oil reference book as my gift to you for saying YES!

Take on Your Health

Change in your health begins with daily habits repeated with consistency. 

This kit has our foundational nutritional products that not only support the entire body, but give your tummy a reboot with probiotics and digestive enzymes.  We add in a few of our go to daily oils and then wrap it up with our Deep Blue Rub.

This is the perfect way to get started when you are ready for true health and want to focus in on you!

My gift to you for saying YES is an oil keychain and additional surprise!

Get Started with the Healthy Habits Kit


All the Basics

You want to get started with the basics you will need for life’s little emergencies. 

The Home Essentials offers our top ten oils in full-size bottles and includes an essential oil diffuser. This is a great beginner set for families looking to bring oils into their homes. 

Check with me for bonus items that I may include with this great package.

The Basics

This Simple Solutions Kit is perfect for those that can't quite find a kit that matches their needs and just want to get started.  It has four of our foundational products that every home should have and then we can add on products and create a custom kit for you.

Make sure if you like this one that you message with me for add on ideas and we'll work together to create your best enrollment kit.

Get Started with the Simple Solutions Kit

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