With Me 

You were made for more! 

For too long, you have felt stuck. Something has been holding you back from the life you really want, but you cannot figure out exactly what it is, or how to free yourself from this feeling. Your life is fine (or even good), but it is not quite right. 

Perhaps you are struggling with a career that no longer feeds your soul, or a financial situation that is less than what you expected at this point in life. Perhaps you have relationships that are out of balance, a schedule that does not allow health to be a priority, or emotions in constant turmoil. 

You know there is more to life than “good enough” and you are ready to stop settling for anything less than great. You are ready to learn more, achieve more, become more. You simply do not know the magic formula to make it happen.

You are searching for answers and you are ready for help.

I am so excited for you! 

Why? Because as immobilizing as it all feels right now, the truth is you are on the precipice of creating beautiful, life-altering changes. All you need is a little faith and a helping hand - I can offer both.

Whether you join my dōTERRA team, sign-up for my entrepreneurial success program, or enroll in one-on-one energy and success coaching, I can help you find more peace, more passion, and more magic.

Together, we will clear the blocks keeping you trapped and release you from the prison of worry, stress, doubt, confusion, and disappointment. We will bridge the gap from good to great, and help you create the life you desire and deserve. A life of wealth, health, peace, and joy. A magical life.

When we live in our truth, speak our truth, and stand in our truth, we create magic daily.

Essential Oil Business

Do you love the idea of building a successful business in as little as 10 hours a week? Ready to multiply or replace your current income? Are you willing to commit to the work that will make it happen? An essential oil business could be right for you!

In less than two years, I built a dōTERRA team with multiple seven figures in sales each year. Let me show you how to do the same. You will receive weekly coaching calls, access to my 30-Day Quick Start program and my 8-week Rise Up program—all the information and training you need to create your own profitable business!

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Warrior Workshops

Learn the basics of being the goddess warrior that you are!  This workshop is all about energy, vibrations and how to unleash the power that is within you.  In this three hour workshop we will dive into understanding transformational healing and how you can use simple tools in your life daily to create change.
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Private Coaching 

Are you a business owner hoping to create massive growth, a working woman struggling to find balance, or a stay-at-home mom feeling unfulfilled and uninspired? Are you ready for change, but uncertain as to where to begin?

If you are ready to make magic in your life, join me for one-on-one coaching. During our high-powered sessions, we will dive into what is truly holding you back, work together to clear energy blocks, and devise a plan to help you move forward!

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