Wellness Education Series

You have oils!  Now what?

We don't want you to purchase a bunch of oils and have them collect dust on your home.  We want you to know how to USE what you purchased and continue to explore more.  When you say YES to doTERRA you are also saying YES to a different way of life.  You're saying YES to learning and exploring more about taking care of you and your family in a more natural way.

We believe that knowledge is power.  

When you know better, you do better.

That is why we have created this library of continued education for you to watch, reference and use as a tool as you continue to explore all the doTERRA can do for you.  Keep scrolling down to find all the goodies that we have created with you in mind.  


PS:  Make sure to check back with the person that helped you get started for your personalized consult and to check to see if they offer a local, in person option for this content too!


Wellness Education Series

How are they effecting your health and how you can create a few simple changes that will give you BIG outcomes!


Here is the link to handout too: Access the Stress, Sleep & Emotions

We're excited to bring you another wonderful class today as part of our continuing education series. Today Renee Grempel shares knowledge with us on women's hormones and using doTERRA to support us in our hormonal health. And here is the handout that was referenced on the training.
This is a great resources for you to download and print: Women's Health Handout

Business Basics Education Series

Here is our first training in the GETTING STARTED SERIES.
This one is all about sampling and inviting to a class.
Here are a few more resources for you.
Sampling Tools:
Here is a handout to show you the flow of sampling people:
After you watch this we invite you to:
  1. Create a names list of 25-30 people that you know could benefit from dōTERRA.
  2. Reach out to the person that got you started so you know when they are teaching classes or to schedule a get together at your house that they can come teach.

Ready to dive into how you are going to actually get a check for sharing oils with your friends and family?
There are four main ways in which you would get paid for sharing with your friends and family. It's the coolest part about doTERRA I think!
Here is our Getting Started Presentation #2 - Compensation!
In it we reference this guide: Click here
As always, if you have any questions or we can guide you in any way, reach out to the person that got you started.

Teaching others about essentials oils is so much fun! Especially when we are teaching people that have been sampled, have had an experience and are eager to learn more.
In this video, I chatted about how to teach a class or teach your friends about these awesome oils.
Make it fun.
Make it simple.
Focus on their needs.
Here are a few of the handouts I referenced on the call.
Class Sheet: Click here 
This can also be ordered through your doTERRA order along with the order forms and kits sheets.
Class Script
You can be effective teaching this class by just reading what it says. For more details and a fuller version, here is the script.

There is no journey that is the same and no one way to share doTERRA. Our team wants you to get curious and begin to explore all the ways in which you can change your life and the lives of your friends and families by sharing essential oils.

In the recording I referenced two different resources and want to make sure you have them!

#1: The Build Guide. This is a little reference from doTERRA with some of the facts I was sharing during our time together. If you don’t have a copy of this, here is the link to download your copy! https://media.doterra.com/us/en/brochures/build.pdf

#2: Peppermint Brownies Recipe! I usually do this presentation WITH you and we hang out and enjoy these yummy brownies. If I could do this right now, I would. Have fun with this recipe and enjoy them just like we are around my kitchen table chatting oils, business and dreaming. https://www.doterra.com/US/en/blog/recipe-black-bean-brownies

Your next steps are to get back to the person whom invited you to this presentation. If you aren’t sure who that would be or who you should reach out to, email me at katie@magicwithkatie.com and I will be happy to guide you a bit more.

Next week we kick off our four weeks of Business Education Basics on our already scheduled team call. Check the events section of this group for all of the details.
I’m excited to create and dream with you!  This business is one of my favorite things to teach about and true lights me up.  I believe that creating a life options is accessible to EVERYONE and that doTERRA is the best dream vehicle out there!